Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani (EA) is the pioneering line launched by Giorgio Armani in 1981, aimed at the young. The name suggests its revolutionary character, as the term Emporio (Emporium) suggests a type of democratic fashion. Even the communication strategy for Emporio has always been unusual and ground-breaking: for many years, there was an inspirational large-format magazine for the brand, and there is an enormous, seasonally renewed mural in the centre of Milan promoting the latest collection – a giant billboard which led the way for fashion houses to adopt this kind of on-street promotion.


From the start, Emporio Armani was a fashion phenomenon, and the logo, with its characteristic eagle, has become a symbol of belonging for its many young fans around the world. Over the years the collection has evolved and grown, and today Emporio Armani is very much its own line evoking a dynamic and uninhibited spirit. There are recurrent features such as casual style and aesthetic elegance, which are reworked season after season using a lively, metropolitan language. Emporio Armani expresses vitality and a carefree attitude, and possesses a particular allure and a special graciousness.


This is a collection rich in ideas, always suggesting new ways of dressing to reflect the lifestyle of today’s youth. The collection includes a complete line of eyewear, watches and jewellery designed for the dynamic lifestyle of the youths of today.


Giorgio: The Giorgio Armani (GA) collection came into being in 1975, when the designer rewrote the rules for menswear, revolutionising proportions and aiming at an unheard-of fluidity and elegance.


The following year, observing that the fashion needs of women were also changing, he offered the same soft, unstructured jackets as the basis for a new womenswear collection. Since then, the line has never ceased to evolve, with continual research into an aesthetic based on essential, never ostentatious, style as its outstanding trait. Elegant, modern and sophisticated, the Giorgio Armani collection stands out for the excellence of its manufacture, the extreme attention to detail, the purity of the lines, and the use of high quality materials.


The clothes are designed to bring out the wearer’s personality, never to overwhelm or disguise. The Giorgio Armani women’s collection responds to women’s needs with sophisticated styles adapted to a variety of professional environments and evening situations. These are creations that are truly magical!


The New Normal, launched in 2015, includes timeless pieces and is the perfect wardrobe for today’s woman. Essential and concise, it summarises 40 years of style that have defied the test of time. New Normal as a search for timeless discretion, contrasting with passing fads. Normal is the norm, too: a specific aesthetic code.


The Giorgio Armani men’s collection is an expression of assured elegance: the classic concept of menswear is rewritten with the aim of delivering timeless contemporariness. The Made to Measure line seamlessly combines the customer’s needs with the Armani style.


The accessories complete and emphasise the look: handmade exclusively in Italy, using only the best skins, they are the ultimate expression of an artisanal savoir faire, presented in an elegant, sophisticated design.

The glasses, produced with the latest technologies and a great attention to detail, are marked by simple, clean lines.

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