Amandé Patisserie

Amandé Patisserie, the first of its kind in Bangalore, is inspired by the crown jewel of the confectionary world, The Macaron. Signature flavours with rich colours, each with its unique personality created by their pastry chef; Prasanth Shadakshari, is what makes them connoisseurs of this highly addictive and enchanting pastry. Amandé macarons are made from the choicest ingredients sourced from across the world, chocolates from Belgium, cream from France, almonds from the United States, and nuts from Italy, come together in Bangalore to delight your taste buds. Pronounced as (a-man-de), Amandé in French means Almond, the main ingredient of the French Pastries. As a Patisserie (pa-tis-se-rie) that stays true to the original textures of the macaron, they call themselves "Amandé Patisserie".

As A Renowned Value Chain:

Amandé Patisserie adds value to its chain at every stage, right from its skilled chefs till the detailing of its packaging. They employ the finest equipment sourced from across the world, be it their cake mixers that come all the way from U.S.A., or their chocolate processing equipment which comes from Belgium.

Executive Chef/Owner Prasanth Shadakshari:

From an early age, Prasanth Shadakshari developed his passion for creative cooking. Shrugging off the weight of his family business of 70 years, Prasanth decided to pursue his culinary dream by first graduating in Hotel Management from the Christ College in Bangalore and then obtaining his Grand Diploma from Le Cordon Bleu, Sydney, Australia. While his initial dream was to specialize in French cuisine, he soon fell in love with Patisseries and specialized in the art of making pastries. After working in some of the best restaurants in Sydney like the Sydney Cove Oyster Bar, Chef Prasanth Shadakshari relocated back to India. After successful stints at Restaurants like "Graze at Vivanta by Taj", he has now partnered to create Amandé Patisserie which showcases his love for French Patisseries.

Co-Owner Venkatesh Raghu:

Venkatesh Raghu hails from a family with generations of FMCG experience. These 75 years of legacy inspired him to graduate in Business Management. After his undergraduate degree in Bangalore University, he went on to do his Masters of Business Management (MBA) from UTS, Sydney, Australia, but his interest in practical exposure to the International Market could not keep him in the classroom for too long. He went on to gain experience by working for over four years in various companies in Sydney, holding a variety of junior to senior leadership positions, including the role of a Marketing Manager for AussiePay. Venkatesh moved back to Bangalore to take on the role of Marketing Manager in Sterling Developers, until the entrepreneurial heritage in him soon took over.