“Live Organic. Be Pristine. Stay Beautiful.”

‘OMORFEE’, connotes ‘Beautiful’ in Greek, is an Indo-German brand showcasing an elaborate range of organic personal care products. While committing to its core value of ‘Healing through Nature’ it hankers to take the premium lifestyle to a whole new height. Omorfee is a perfect blend of tradition and modern science. The union age of old revered natural ingredients with the latest innovation, results in the most effect oriented and safe organic products. Be it traditional body crème to the most innovative products like the ‘Perfecting Facial Crème’ which protects the skin from urban pollutions and deleterious blue rays.

The products are designed in such a fashion that it fulfils the idea of being luxurious yet salubrious. Omorfee products are purity and quality oriented, which is manifested by its constant efficacy. Being unique and exotic is its yet another forte - presence of exotic ingredients like Acai, Golden Seaweed, Sugar Seaweed, Myrrh and some patented organic certified ingredients. OMORFEE is a basket of the most phenomenal and worldwide trusted products, ranging from Hair Care, Facial Care, Lip Care, Body Care to Men Care, Baby Care and Pure Steam distilled Essential Oils.