Lotus Vibe

What started out as a hobby is now helping women escape poverty! Veena Dhuler has been teaching impoverished women to embroider since 2012, incorporating their work into her more than 45 products and selling them throughout Bangalore, from her store in UB City (especially the expat community), giving them a reliable source of income and in the process transforming their lives.

Veena's work is reputed for the intricacies that go into making a product. Each bag made, is woven out of fine quality materials with exquisite attention to detail. Further, Veena provides customers unlimited personalization and works with them, giving a sense of freedom that is hard to come by in most other places. Veena also has a strong and balanced work ethic - she not only promises timely delivery to all her customers, but also holds employee treatment just as high. However, one of her greatest strengths would be the expat community she deals with; she is able to constantly learn more and explore new depths from their diversity and feedback.

Veena has been designing and supplying customized bags to various businesses in bulk to set them apart from their competition, by offering exquisite products.